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You may have guessed we have had a slow start with events this year and there have been a couple of reasons.  I passed out late last year with a seizure ‘out of the blue’ and in the fall give myself a nasty head fracture.   Now back to fully fit we can pick up where we left off .   Secondly we have been doing behind the scenes doing boring stuff.

More importantly we have found a new talent, and super story teller Dr Rebekah Wood who will be working with us on occasions .   She is a very good  historian in her own right

This has given us the opportunity to to create a new show  Definitely not respectable,  which was premiered at the Malt Cross Nottingham.    A new show which has a working title ‘Pathway to Murder’ is under construction to be premiered at Annie’s Burger Shack Broadway Nottingham on 17th August 2017

We performed on the 16th March at the Watermill Shepshed.   What a great night with a smashing audience.   A full  house too!   We enjoyed the night and thank you to those that came  and thank you to Nick for the invite.   if you haven’t been you are missing a treat.   There are some great names coming up, so please make a visit to this superb venue with great atmosphere.

September see us supporting Maggies based at the Nottingham  City Hospital Site.   Maggies is a fantastic charity who provide vital support to those effected by cancer and support the families and those close to them.   The service is free and they are supported entirely by donation.   There is a culture walk on 27th September 2017 and The woolly Tellers will be on our old stamping ground of Wollaton Hall to welcome walkers and have a respite where we will entertain those taking part.    THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT is all the money raised in Nottingham goes to the ~Nottingham site .    Go on there site and get involved

We will be doing a separate night after the culture walk for those to come and be entertained by one of our shows  all proceeds will go to Maggies

Notwithstanding that we will of course be doing Halloween events and Christmas shows.   We are at Malt Cross on the Friday 27th October 2017 for Dark Tales for Dark nights.  Other dates to follow

Take care all






The Woolly Tellers


Hello All

The woolly Tellers have been invited to appear at the Watermill  Shepshed Road Shepshed Leicestershire on Thursday 16th March 2017 at 7.30pm.   This venue is magical and well worth a visit.  a restored working mill.   A fantastic atmosphere  that always gets booked up.   Go too our events page

On 1st of April we plan to put on a show at Wollaton Hall in a new performance area at the Hall.  full details will be on the events page

There are further events in the pipeline just waiting confirmation.   We will be helping with Maggies at the City Hospital with there Culture Walk.  In addition we are to do a performance night for them later in the year date to be announced


So we hope to see you soon

Mick and Dave

The woolly Tellers

Our new events


Happy New Year to you all

This is our quite time for planning for the coming year.   We have found it s better for us to begin telling once more in March onwards and we have a number of projects to announce for this year.   Now whilst we have the opportunity if any f you have an idea of where you would like to see us perform,  then please let us know.    We have already been in touch with Maggies who are located on the City Hospital site Nottingham.     We have strong desire maintain a link with them and will be running a charity night this year which we hope you will support

This time allows us to develop new material and do some themed nights, the details will be announced in the next few weeks

we hope to see you this year, so take care

Mick and Dave






Thank you

Hello All


Last night  (16th December 2016)  we performed Christmas Tales.     We lost a number of the audience through matters beyond there control.   The M1 motorway was closed and Traffic chaos ensued.   There was gridlock and combined with blanket fog caused many of our booked guests to fail to attend.   We performed to a great audience who managed to get to us for which we are grateful

Wollaton Hall was magical as always and we enjoyed performing and to Mick’s dismay all the fruit cake went.   We had a number of apologies  and we are grateful you got in touch

I am truly sorry for those who attempted in vain to get to us and hope to see you in the new year

We wish to all those who have seen us this year  a truly lovely Christmas a Happy New Year



Mick and Dave



Hello all

Christmas at the Hall

7.30pm Friday 16th December 2016

the Wollaton Hall and Deer park

tickets are £10..includes wine and mince pies  (soft drinks also available )

book tickets by thewoollytellers@hotmailk.com    or tel 0115 9723913


We have places still for final event of the year at Wollaton Hall.  we will be performing Christmas tales and stories ranging from humorous to dark.  memorable and will bring home the true spirit of Christmas 

Enjoy a glass of wine and mince pie with us 


Hello All

Mick,  Rebekah and Dave would like to thank all those  who came to see the show at the Malt Cross.   This show was a departure from our normal storytelling nights with songs and of course the debut of Dr Rebekah Wood who was purely stunning.   The audience were there for a good time and we thoroughly enjoyed the performance


Christmas Tales


Christmas at the Hall

Come along and join us for a magical night of stories and tales at Wollaton Hall

7.30pm Friday 16th December 2016

dsc_2234 xmas-poster-2016



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