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We have had a an email from the Malt cross.   Its to open its doors once more in late September.   They are hoping top recruit the old staff back in where possible and run the premises as before .   We have two dates booked before the closure so we looking whether we can re establish them It will be good to see the premises running under the YMCA

Our next event

Hello All


Our next event is launched with Annies in Nottingham See the poster below


Hello all

The Woolly Tellers are changing  their email, address to:   thewoollytellers@gmail.com

It is not something we would do by choice which is causing some inconvenience.    this is due to hotmail unwilling to accept we are adults for some reason, (due to some American legislation)

We are actively looking for new locations for Halloween and Christmas if you have any suggestions this will be great.

Look for ward to seeing you soon

Have a look at our next event at annies Burger Shack Nottingham.   Tickets will be available from 23rd August 2018


Take care all



Hello all


By now you will no doubt be aware of the demise of the Malt Cross Nottingham.   It was suddenly closed this week and ceased trading effectively locking the staff out.  There was a curt note on the door to that effect.

We had prepared for the benefactors bash on Friday 27th July.

The  Woolly Tellers express our condolence to the staff who have become our friends.   We did have two future gigs booked at the premises and spent some time building good working relationship.   Sadly all that work is now lost.

We are now looking for a new venue for Halloween and Christmas if anyone has a suggestion.

Our event in November called Voices is now confirmed and will publish details very soon


Dave and Mike





Hello All


We would like to thank al those who came to Definitely Not Respectable at the Malt Cost one the last two nights (15th and 16th June 2018)

We just perform,  but the audience makes the night.

All the proceeds from the two bights will go to the Street Pastors based at the Malt Cross on St James’s Street Nottingham


Take care all


We Have written a show called Definitely Not Respectable which is the history of the Malt Cross when it was a music Hall by performance of the spoken word and song on Friday 15th June 2018 and Saturday 16thJune 2018

We are giving our services free of charge and the ticket price of £7.00 will go to the malt cross to support the Street Pastors 

About the show

Written and performed by us, it is set in Victorian Nottingham.   The town boasted eleven music halls and the Malt Cross was purpose built on St James’s street.   The shows were risqué,political, and humorous. There was singing and dancing. Men would come to see girls perform in fleshing’s.   The premises were brightly lit, colourful with food at a price that many could afford.   A relief from the cruel reality of Victorian life if you were in the lower order Nottingham society.

The watch committee would see the brightly coloured posters over the town and rather than rip them down they would put a label over them saying ‘DEFINITELY NOT RESPECTABLE’   This of course was an even better reason to go.

Joseph Merrick  known as the elephant man appeared..  Also Leo Dryden,  Sam Torr and George Lashwood.   Lily Harley was her stage name.   She was Hannah Chaplin.  The Chaplin’s were a music Hall family and her son was the famous Charlie Chaplin

We hope you may help us or come along for a night of entertainment


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